Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai – First time guide

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Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai

Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai Guide in Hindi: टाटा मेमोरियल अस्पताल के लिए पहली बार गाइड

It was the month of July, 2017, my mom was detected with a malignant tumor in her breast.

We inquired from some friends and relatives and they suggested us to visit Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.

Although Mumbai was not new to me, I did find difficulties gathering information about TMH, finding places to stay, booking train tickets, looking for hygienic places to eat, shipping on medicine that requires refrigeration, etc.

In this blog, I will including all the information I gathered during that time and my experiences during the surgery and chemotherapy which can help someone who is visiting Tata Memorial Hospital for the first time.

About Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai

Tata Memorial Hospital is one of the leading and largest Cancer Care Hospital in Asia.

The Hospital was initially founded by Sir Dorabji Tata Trust in 1941 and was taken over by Government of India after 1962. TMH is now run by the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.

India has an estimated population of approximately 22.5 lakh people living with cancer. Every year, over 11,57,294 new cancer patients are registered and 7,84,821 deaths reported due to the disease.

Of these, only a small percentage of people are treated properly. This may be due to the fact that they lack awareness or can’t afford the high treatment cost of Cancer (the average cost of treatment for breast cancer through a private practitioner would be Rs 5-6 lakh)

There are hundreds of Institutes like TMH and organizations in India that offer help to cancer patients.

In 2013 alone, 60,000 new patients visited TMH, and 70% of the cancer patients requiring primary care were treated almost free of any charges.

Tata Memorial Hospital is located at Dr. Ernest Borges Rd, Parel East, Parel, Mumbai. It is one the main hospital in the umbrella of Tata Memorial Centre. The other centers include

  1. Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital, Sangrur, Punjab
  2. Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital , Varanasi
  3. Mahamana Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya Cancer Centre, Varanasi
  4. Dr. Bhubaneswar Borooah Cancer Institute (BBCI)
  5. Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital & Research Centre (HBCHRC),  Visakhapatnam
  6. Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC) – R & D Lab

How to reach Tata Memorial Hospital

From Domestic/International Airport: 12-14 Kms. Prepaid Taxi Rs. 400 INR

From CST Railway Station: It is 6 – 8 Kms. Metered Taxi Fare 50 – 200 INR

                                              Local BEST Bus Service : Direct buses : Route # 9, 14. 61 . Tata Hospital Bus Stop

                                              Local Trains : From CST platform # 3 or 4 slow train of Main line – Parel Station

Mumbai Central Railway Stn : 6 Kms. Metered Taxi : 150-180 INR

                                              Local BEST Bus Service : Direct bus Route # . 61. 64 and 67. Tata Hospital Bus Stop

                                              Local Trains : From Mumbai Central platform # 1 slow train – Elphinstone Station

Dadar Railway Stn: : From Dadar East – 2 Kms. Metered Taxi : Rs. 30/- max.

                                              Local BEST Bus Service : Dadar TT Bus Stop : Direct bus Route # 40 Ltd , 64, 65, 67,

                                              Shared Taxis are available from Dadar Station East near Shree Krishna Refreshment for 10 INR

Dadar to Tata Memorial Hospital Shared Taxi

Pic source

If you are new to Mumbai, you can download the app ‘M Indicator’. It has all the routes of local bus, train and can be handy. Click on the image to download the app

M Indicator App

If you plan to take the local train. You can avoid standing in queue by getting the local train ticket on ‘UTS app‘. You can show the ticket on mobile. Make sure you are within 5 km from the source station and 30 metres away from the station.


You can also get an ATVM card from a railway counter, recharge it and use the machine to get your tickets every time you take a local train. This way you will save time.

ATVM Card Mumbai Local Ticket

Pic source

Once you are around the Tata Memorial Campus. You will see that there are two main building

    • Golden Jubilee Building – General Patient
    • Homi Bhaba Block – Private Patient

Golden Jubilee Building and Homi Bhabha Building

Pic Source: TMH Disha

How to Register (General & Private Patient)

Registration Timings: Monday to Friday from 0800 – 1400 hours

You must be wondering what are General or Private Category.

In General Category, you will have to pay the lowest charges possible for the treatment that include room charges, doctor fees, tests, medicines etc. There are lots of patients and the reports may take longer time and the waiting time is more.

If you opt for General Category then you will have to pay charges under the “C” code. If you can’t afford “C” charges then you will have to show income proof and based on that you can give “NC” code.

In Private Category, you will see less crowd and you will get medical tests and reports done earlier. There is also a short waiting time for the operation. If you opt for Private Category, you will be given “B” code in general.

Other codes such as A, D & F are for foreign national and other categories. In the private category, you will have to pay 5-10 times more than General Category but the treatment will be quicker.

Here is a comparison for Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai charges for General & Private Category. Click here to see the full list.

Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai Treatment Cost

If you have a place in Mumbai and have people who can be around with the patient running for things then you can opt for General Category or else opt for Private Category.

Even if you choose Private Category, you will get a discounted price for medicine and other costs.

Registration is mandatory for all patients who wish to be evaluated and treated at TMH. Online registration
can be done on our TMH website (Click to register). 

Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai Online Registration

You can also do registration at the Hospital. If you choose to be a general category patient (Category C and NC), you need to register at the Central Registration Office (CRO) located on the Ground Floor of the Golden Jubilee Building (Counter No. 55-57)

If you choose to be a private category patient (Category B, A, D, F), you will need to register at the Central registration office (CRO) located on the 1st Floor of Homi Bhabha Block (Counter No. 125-127)


Registration Process for Foreign Nationals

Patients should send their investigations and treatment reports to the IPA’s office (Mr.S.H. Jafri, International Patient Advisor (IPA) [email protected]) , which will then consult with the specific consultant and on the recommendation of clinician you will receive the medical visa letter for the patient as well as for the attendant.

It is expected that you will travel with an attendant and that you will have the required funding to cover the costs of stay and treatment. Payments must be made in Indian Currency only. Following amounts have to be deposited at the time of registration and admission for bed.

Details Amount in Indian Rupees

At time of registration Deposit (Refundable): 50,000 INR

At time of admission in hospital bed: 2,00,000 INR


First Appointment Process

Go through the OPDs opening time (see below) and days and book your tickets to Mumbai accordingly.

If you are coming directly from the Airport or Railway station then try to find a place for your luggage or have a person who can watch the luggage outside the hospital.

For security reason, you will not be allowed to carry your luggage inside the hospital.

Try to reach the Hospital before 8 am. Get all your documents such as Aadhar card, PAN card, previous doctors reports, Ultrasonography, X-Ray films, biopsy tissue (if you have).

Carrying X-Ray CDs will not be helpful, you will have to bring the film as they do not have a facility and time to play with the X-Ray CD.

Go to the registration Kiosk and give all documents. They will also take photo and then issue a photo-id smart card and the PIN is usually the patient’s birth year.

You will be asked to pay an initial deposit (Private Rs.10,000/= and General Rs.1,000/=) to cover the costs of evaluation. The payment can be made either by cash / demand draft / credit – debit card / bank transfer.

Once you get your smart card, go to the respective ward (Breast Cancer, Oral Cancer etc.) and keep your file in their appointment desk. You can use this to navigate.

OPD Locations & Schedules

OPDs Golden Jubilee Building Homi Bhabha Building Main Building
Adult Hematolymphoid GJB-128, Open all days except Saturday from 0915 hours – 1730 hours.   MB-G-88, Open on Monday and Thursday from 0915 hours – 1730 hours.
Bone and Soft Tissue GJB-G-65 Tues / Thurs 0915 – 1730   MB-G-93 Tues / Thurs 0915 – 1730
Breast GJB-112    Mon / Wed – Fri 0915 – 1730   Tuesday 0915 – 1300 HBB-112 Mon / Wed 0915 – 1730  
Gastrointestinal GJB-100 Mon – Fri 0915 – 1730 HBB-314 Mon – Fri 0915 – 1730  
Gynecology GJB-G-57 Mon / Wed 0915 – 1730 HBB-G-61  All days (Except Saturday)  0915 – 1730  
Head and Neck GJB-106 Mon – Fri  0915 – 1730 & Saturday 0915 – 1300 Private (HBB 2nd Floor)  
Thoracic GJB-G-65 Mon / Wed 0915 – 1730 HBB-310 Mon / Wed 0915 – 1730  
Urology GJB-G-57 Tues / Thurs 0915 – 1730 HBB-214 Tues / Thurs 0915 – 1730  
Neuro-Oncology   HBB-G-58 Tues / Thurs 0915 – 1730 Private: All days (Except Saturday) 0915 – 1730  
Pediatrics Solid Tumors     MB-G-88 All days (Except Saturday) 0915 – 1730
Pediatrics Hematolymphoid     MB-G-88 All days (Except Saturday) 0915 – 1730

They will call out the patient name and ask to pay the doctor appointment fees. You can pay by placing the smart card and putting your pin. They may also ask for a blood test, fresh Ultrasonography etc.

Now you will realize how big India is and how severe is Cancer in India. Most of the wards are full of patients. There are hue and cry and people fighting for a place to sit. Usually, patients can get a place to sit, but it will be hard for accompanying persons to get a seat. Sometimes there are 6-8 hours of waiting time to see the doctor. That means even if you place your file at 8 am, your name may not be called till 1-2 pm.

Try to bring two accompanying people for the first visit, one can stay with the patient and another can run here and there.

For Breast Cancer patient, they usually go for a Blood test followed by Ultrasonography. Ultrasonography results are available on the same day and based on the report you may be asked for biopsy tests. Biopsy results are available in 3-7 days.

You will be notified once the reports are ready on the mobile number you have given during registration process. 

You can also use Tata Memorial Hospital e medical record page to log in and view the medical report. You can also use this to check the balance on the smart card or recharge it online using debit/credit card.

Click on Patient and then use “case no. e.g. CP/11444” and 4 digit pin, “patient’s birth year“).

You can also create a password and then use the password instead of pin. You will get an OTP on the registered mobile number to create a password.

tata memorial hospital online report login

Click here for

Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai Medical Reports

The Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, HBCHRC, Vishakhapatnam Medical Reports

Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital, HBCH, Sangrur, Punjab Medical Reports

Tata Memorial Hospital App

TATA Memorial Hospital has launched the TMH Disha Navigation App for patients.

The application enables patients and other visitors a comfortable and easy navigation system inside the premises of TATA Memorial Hospital, Parel.

The application works completely OFFLINE and DOES NOT REQUIRE GPS signal or WiFi Connection.

Google Play Store Link

Apple IOS Store

Windows Store

Places to stay around Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai

It’s better to stay in the radius of 5 km so you can reach the Hospital easily. Some of the decent hotels which are around 2-5 km from the Hospitals are


OYO 12257 Hotel Sai Suites – Around 1 Km from Hospital –  1400 INR

  • Address: 92, 11,lalji Deoraj Chawl,Ground floor,Gokuldas pasta road,Behind Chitra Cinema,Dadar East, Dadar, 400014
  • Check prices @ OYO Link, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo

OYO 22055 Dadar Residency – Around 1 Km from Hospital – 1200 INR

  • Address: 0, Takshshila Co-op.Housing Society, 5th Floor, Madhavdas Road, Opp.Taximan Union Petrol Pump, Behind Chitra Cinema, Dadar (East), Dadar, Mumbai
  • Check prices @ OYO Link, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo

City Guest House – Around 1.5 Km from Hospital – 1000 INR

  • Address: 3, West Wing, 1st Floor, Framroz Court, Dada Saheb Phalke Marg Landmark near kailash lassi dadar east, Dadar, Mumbai
  • Check prices @ MakeMyTrip, Goibibo

Mint Magna Suites Lower Parel – 1 km from Hospital – 1200-1500 INR

  • Address: Next To Sincity Bakery, Fitwala Rd, Dighe Nagar, Parel
  • Check prices @ MakeMyTrip, Goibibo

Sharda Residency – 2 Km from Hospital – 800 INR

  • Address: 188/H, Sharda (Ismail) Mansion, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road,Opp. Fire Brigade,Dadar (East)
  • Check prices @ MakeMyTrip, Goibibo

Organizations that provides shelter and financial help

If the treatment is taking longer than a week and you can’t afford a hotel then seek out help from these organization and cancer NGO. You can rent a place on a monthly/daily basis at an affordable price or sometimes for free. There may also be a waiting period so inquire with them in advance.

  1. Mafatlal Mohanlal Dharmashala

Address : Fort, Mumbai (Gadge Maharaj) Near St. George Hospital & Arogyabhavan, Mumbai, Maharashtra- India Phone: 022/22614050/9869540015   

  1. Sri Gurusingh Sabha Gurdwara

Address : Ramtekdi, Opp. Building No. -28, Chembur Colony, Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400074, India Phone : 9322519227   

  1. Mangalam Charitable Foundation (Sant Gadge Maharaj Dharmashala)

Address : Sector-27, Plot No – 12 & 13, , Ranjanpada, Kharghar, Near Tata Memorial Hospital (ACTREC Kharghar), Phone : 8451868491

Procedure & Facility : For vacant position contact between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The accommodation is free for Cancer Patients. Center is approachable from Kharghar Railway Station. Bus Route – 53 to last stop Ranjanpada.

Website : http://www.mangalamfoundation.org/   

  1. Bharat Seva Sadan

Address : 18A, Dada Saheb Falke Road, Near Ranjit Studio, Dadar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400014, India Phone : 022- 24110561

  1. Bharat Sevasharam Sangha

Address : Plot No. 263, S.W. Pranavandaji Marg, Sector – 31A, Vashi Gaon, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400703, India Phone : 022-27811327 Email : [email protected] 

  1. Deepsikha Arogya Bhawans (For Booking dial 022 27665408)

Deepsikha’s Aradhana , RH -1, M-52, Sector – 7 , Vashi, Navi Mumbai -400 703. Capacity 15 Person

Deepsikha’s Delsey Arogya Bhawan, Plot no 180, F Lane, Sector – 8, Vashi, Navi Mumbai -400703. Capacity 15 persons.

Deepsikha’s Sadbhav Arogya Bhawan, Plot No. 202, Sector -28, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 400 703. Capacity – 90 persons

Deepsikha’s Ratanlal Didwania  Arogya Bhawan, Plot No. 65/66, Sector -19 C, Kopar Khairne, Navi Mumbai. 400 708. Capacity 60 persons.

  1. Garib Nawaz Musafir khana

Address : Parel Bhoiwada Masjid, Compound No .35, Nr. Ambekar Nagar, Eknath Ghadi Marg, G.D. Ambekar Road, Parel, Bhoiwada, Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400012, India Phone : 022- 24164593, 9619615612   

  1. Gurudawara

Address : Opp. Chitra Cinema, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Dadar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400014, India Phone : 022- 24702495   

  1. Jagannath Cancer Aid Foundation

Address : Room No 103, Omdeep Building no. 766, Near Sai Baba Mandir, Sector 19C, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400709, India Phone : 9323597244   

  1. Umeed Foundation

Address : Vashi Station Road, Vashi Fantasia Business Park, Opposite Vashi Station, Vashi, Mumbai – 400703, Phone No. 022-27810600, 9594274328/0 Phone : 9321161790 Email : [email protected] 

  1. Shree Gadge Maharaj Dharamshala

Address : Dada Saheb Falke Road, Opp Ranjit Studio,Near BJP Office, Dadar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400014, India Phone : 022- 24111496   

  1. Nana Palkar Smruti Samiti

Address : 158, Rugna Seva Sadan Marg, Near Narepark, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra- 400012, India Phone : 022-24172167, 24164690 Email : [email protected]

Online Consultation – Navya

Navya brings you cancer treatment decisions from world-leading experts. You can Get an expert opinion in 1 to 3 days from specialists at Tata Memorial Centre and National Cancer Grid through Navya. 

Where to eat near Tata Memorial Centre

You can find TAJSATS cafeteria at the Homi Bhabha Building, 1st floor. Another option is Hotel Ramanand which is near Kumar Medical Store and walking distance from the hospital. It’s a veg restaurant.

Shipping of Medicine that requires refrigeration

Near Hotel Ramanand, you will find Pooja Stationary and Xerox. You can ask them to pack medicine with dry ice. They will pack it nicely in a thermocoal box and you can carry it in the train (up to 48 hours) without any problem.


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