Postdoctoral position in Earth Science (Biogeochemistry)

Postdoctoral Position in Uppsala University (Sweden, Europe)

A position is open as a researcher in geohydrology with specialization in biogeochemistry over the period 15 May 2019 to 31 December 2019 at Uppsala University (Sweden Europe)

Description of project: The project NITREM (NITrogen REMoval from waste rock drainage) is an up-scaling project financed by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s (EIT) Raw Materials network. The goal with NITREM is to establish a service for the passive removal of nitrogen from mine drainage using a bioreactor technology. Development of the technology has been driven by the EU’s Water Framework Directive and enables the mining industry to meet current and future emission requirements.

The research tasks for this position include laboratory experiments for the development of the bioreactor technology. The treatment method for removing nitrate was already been developed in the NITREM project, but the method needs to be developed for the removal of sulfate as well. The laboratory experiments will be primarily conducted as column studies.

Work activities will be focused on the regular sampling of the column experiments, the chemical analysis of water samples, and possibly the analysis of the microbial community. Fieldwork in northern Sweden may be required. A limited amount of teaching can also be included in the position if the applicant is interested in this.

PhD in hydrology, geohydrology or related disciplines with a specialization in biogeochemistry. The applicant must be proficient in spoken and written English. The successful candidate should be able to work independently, and to contribute to the development of the project.

Additional qualifications:
Knowledge and skills are desirable in conducting column experiments, in the field of water treatment, and in the microbial analysis (e.g. qPCR) of nitrate and sulfate-reducing communities of microorganisms.

Application must include a CV, certified copies of diplomas and certificates, and a personal letter describing yourself, your relevant experience, research interests, and your motivation to apply for the position (maximum 2 pages). The application should also contain a summary of your research interests and publications, and contact information for, or letters from, at least two referees.

Uppsala University strives to be an inclusive workplace that promotes equal opportunities and attracts qualified candidates who can contribute to the University’s excellence and diversity. We welcome applications from all sections of the community and from people of all backgrounds.

Salary: Individual salary.

Starting date: 15-05-2019 or as otherwise agreed.

Type of employment: Temporary position ending 31-12-2019.

Scope of employment: 100%.

For further information about the position please contact: 

Please submit your application by 29 april 2019, UFV-PA 2019/1101.

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