22 PhD Scholarship in Management – Sheffield University, UK

PhD Scholarship in Management

Sheffield University Management School is seeking applications from exceptional UK/EU/International students with an outstanding academic record (distinction/high merit or equivalent) as well as a proven record in research training.

Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis – applications are assessed on the basis of academic success and qualifications, experience, research background, a clear well-articulated research proposal, the potential impact of the research and a good match with supervisor/departmental expertise.

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Application Deadline

The deadline to apply is 1 July 2019 at 17:00 UK time. Please note that applications will not be processed if they are incomplete or received after the deadline. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview on Tuesday 13/Wednesday 14 August 2019.

How To Apply

Applicants should submit a 1000 word research proposal which directly addresses the theme and/or specific topic to which they are applying. The proposal should contain a brief background to the topic, which demonstrates knowledge of existing work in the field, and potential contributions to knowledge. It should also explain the proposed research methods and include a plan of the research, and a timeline.

Details About the Scholarship

Current PhD Project

Centre for Decent Work

  1. Collective worker organisation in the logistics sector
  2. The dynamics and consequences of bogus self-employment
  3. Young workers and the global economy: the changing nature of work and employment for young people
  4. Managerial competences, engagement and productivity – developing positive relationships


  1. An intergenerational research on the 4th ‘R’ in responsible consumption among East Asians
  2. How Artificial Intelligence (AI) drives consumers’ aspirational consumption
  3. Decomposing consumer self-brand congruence: accounting for individual and cultural discrepancies


  1. Social enterprises and institutional work: Practices, challenges and impacts
  2. Disruptive and transformational change in the Automotive sector

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  1. Emerging technologies for promoting sustainable and transparent organic food supply chain in India
  2. Emerging optimisation challenges in Locational Analysis for Supply Network Management
  3. Examining the impact of co-production on shaping innovations in local authority service management

Centre for Research into Accounting and Finance in Context

  1. Organisational Accountability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)- is there a role for accounting?
  2. Social capital and responsible business and finance

Creative and Cultural Industries

  1. Temporary spaces for artists – community and individual impact
  2. Art-based organisations and initiatives in a time of austerity

Institute of Work Psychology

  1. Leadership, creativity, innovation and well-being
  2. The impact of work on patient, staff and system outcomes within a newly implemented, integrated and digitally supported musculoskeletal health service
  3. He says, she says: The voice of gendered issues and its relationship with employee wellbeing

Centre for Regional Economic and Enterprise Development

  1. Artificial intelligence in Professional Services firms – the role of business model transformation
  2. Urban resilience and public policy – a case study of post-industrial spaces
  3. The industrial strategy and place – rethinking local economic development

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