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Below are the list of PhD, Postdoc and Research Positions at University of Gothenburg, Sweden

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Job Application
Type of employment Reference no
Postdoctoral fellow in Molecular Neuroscience 2019-11-04 Fixed term PAR 2019/1254
First research engineer in structural analysis of serial crystallography data 2019-10-31 Fixed term PAR 2019/1277
Post Doctoral Fellow 2019-11-03 Fixed term PAR 2019/1095
Researcher 2019-10-30 Fixed term PAR 2019/1241
Researcher in perinatal neuroscience and physiology 2019-10-30 Fixed term PAR 2019/1271
Researcher in perinatal neuroscience and physiology 2019-10-30 Open ended PAR 2019/1272
Senior Lecturer in Fine Art 2019-11-20 Fixed term PAR 2019/1246
PhD Marine biogeochemistry 2019-11-04 Fixed term PAR 2019/1265
Data manager to the Department of Political Science and GLD 2019-10-17 Fixed term PAR 2019/1225
Data analyst to the Department of Political Science and GLD 2019-10-17 Fixed term PAR 2019/1226
Senior Lecturer in Social Work, one or more 2019-10-22 Open ended PAR 2019/1207
Researcher 2019-10-22 Fixed term PAR 2019/1229
Postdoctoral position in Sociology PAR 2019/1142 2019-10-23 Fixed term PAR 2019/1142
Postdoctoral Fellow in immunology / inflammation 2019-10-22 Fixed term PAR 2019/1149
Researcher specialised in the area of transitions in health care organisations 2019-10-11 Open ended PAR 2019/1214
Researcher in scientific reporting on marine mammal ecology 2019-10-13 Fixed term PAR 2019/1185
Researcher 2019-10-18 Fixed term PAR 2019/1219
Senior Lecturer in Film and Film Practice 2019-11-01 Fixed term PAR 2019/1101
Doctoral position in Practical Philosophy within the Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project 2019-10-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/1104
PhD student in Computational Biology 2019-10-15 Fixed term PAR 2019/1203
Researcher 2019-10-11 Fixed term PAR 2019/1192
Associate Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences with a specialization in Hydrogeochemistry 2019-10-20 Fixed term PAR 2019/279
Assistant researcher 2019-10-10 Fixed term PAR 2019/1184
1-2 PhD students in Economic History 2019-10-31 Fixed term PAR 2019/1133
Postdoctoral fellow to the the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication 2019-10-22 Fixed term PAR 2019/1134
Postdoctoral fellow in membrane mucins in cell-autonomous immunity 2019-10-13 Fixed term PAR 2019/1153


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