Finishing up with your studies successfully and getting a graduate degree is always a rewarding feeling. It becomes more rewarding when you share that moment with your parents who also receive their graduation on the same day. Lezley McSpadden and Daysa Brown has done it. Marcelle Durrenberger and her mom Jocelyne of Hudson has done it. Helen Stallman and her daughter Monique also did it.









Marcelle Durrenberger and her mom Jocelyne

Lezley McSpadden and Daysa Brown

Helen Stallman and Monique

But this India Mother-Daughter duo (Mala Dutta, 56, mother of Shreya Mishra, 28) took a step further and created history, when they got their PhD degree from Delhi University on same day. This duo is an inspiration to all the people who want to pursue their dream and come over all the challenges irrespective of age to get what they really want.

Mala Dutta, and Shreya Mishra






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