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How to transfer money from Australia to India

Money Transfer From Australia to India

Lets first screen out what are the available option to transfer money from Australia to India. money transfer Australia to India

Best Choice – Transferwise (This is a no-fee link, without any charges)

Second BestXend Pay

  1. Xend Pay
  2. Transferwise
  3. InstaRem
  4. SBI Sydney
  5. Remitly
  6. Remit Money
  7. ICICI Money2India
  8. World Remit
  9. Transferwise

All the above options are reliable and take a maximum of 3 days to transfer. Now lets see if you want to send 1000 AUD, how much time each of them takes and what is the final recipient amount.

Xend Pay



SBI Sydney



ICICI Money2India

World Remit


I have personally used Transferwise and I can strongly recommend it. If you are sending a huge amount then you may need to verify your address, which is one of the disadvantages, in that case, you can opt for Xend Pay.

Another important thing is that if you directly go to the Transferwise site then you may be asked to pay transfer charges. If you use the link given above, you can avoid paying the charges.

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