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India International Excellence Scholarship

India International Excellence Scholarship

You could be eligible for India International Excellence Scholarship valued up to AUD15,000 per year towards your studies. It is provided at the University of Newcastle and you can apply, if you are an Indian student and have a strong academic background.

Scholarships range from AUD5,000 – AUD15,000 per year depending on your academic merit. If you are commencing study with us in 2020 and are eligible, the scholarship will be automatically awarded to you when you receive an offer to study with us.

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The International Excellence Scholarship (India) has been established to attract high-performing students to the University of Newcastle for study in 2020. This will be a merit-based scholarship that recognises Indian students with a strong academic background, and incentivises them to continue striving to be the best that they can be.


2.1. “Scholarship” means the International Excellence Scholarship;
“Scholar/s” means a recipient of a scholarship;
“Program” means the program of study in which the scholar is enrolled;
“University” means University of Newcastle
“Our” means University of Newcastle
“International Student” means a student who is not an Australian Citizen, a New Zealand Citizen or a holder of
an Australia Permanent Residency Visa.


3.1. The scholarship benefit is available to successful University of Newcastle applicants who, at the
commencement of the academic year, will meet the following criteria
3.1.1. Hold an Indian passport
3.1.2. Be studying in a CRICOS registered undergraduate or postgraduate coursework University of Newcastle
degree program (excluding ELICOS, Non-Award, Masters by Research, or PhD programs).
3.1.3. Be an international full-fee paying student.
3.1.4. Be enrolled on-campus at any University of Newcastle Australian campus.
3.1.5. Be commencing their studies in 2020.
3.1.6. Not be the beneficiary of a separate University scholarship unless prior approval for special dispensation
has been obtained from the university.
3.1.7. Be able to meet all of the financial obligations of a full-fee paying international student, including the full
tuition fee and other expenses, for the purpose of obtaining a student visa for study in Australia and in the
event that continued eligibility for the scholarship is not maintained.
3.2. The following students are not eligible to receive this scholarship, even if they meet the eligibility criteria
outlined in Clause 3.1.
3.2.1. Students who have not received an offer for the scholarship.
3.2.2. Current University of Newcastle students who are transferring from one program to another prior to
successful completion of their program of study (internal transfer students).
3.2.3. Students studying in quota-limited programs are not eligible, with the exception of the following (subject to
quota on a first-come-first-serve basis): Bachelor of Pharmacy Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science


4.1. Scholarships will be awarded automatically to eligible students upon application. Students will receive
notification of the value of their scholarship with their offer.
4.2. Scholarship offers will be made on the basis of academic merit. All academic merit determinations are
determined according to the University’s procedures for determining ATAR and GPA.
4.2.1. Tier 1: Up to AUD15,000 per year payable as tuition fee waiver for applicant with a minimum equivalent
ATAR of 93 for undergraduate programs or UON-determined grade point average (GPA) of 6.5 out of 7.0 for
postgraduate coursework program.
4.2.2. Tier 2: Up to AUD10,000 per year payable as tuition fee waiver for applicant with a minimum equivalent
ATAR of 75 for undergraduate programs or UON-determined grade point average (GPA) of 5.25 out of 7.0
for postgraduate coursework program.
4.2.3. Tier 3: Up to AUD5,000 per year payable as tuition fee waiver for applicants with a minimum equivalent
ATAR of 65 for undergraduate programs or UON-determined grade point average (GPA) of 4.5 out of 7.0 for
postgraduate coursework program.

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