Flight fares contribute a major part of travel expenses. It is fluctuating in nature and often soars during weekends, events and on festival dates. To add to this trouble is that the more you search for a flight, the higher the chances are that the specific route will show a higher price. It's actually a trap by airline company showing high fares of your search routes so you book early or at a higher price.

I do not see any necessity to pay extra money when you get no additional benefit/reward. So next time when you are booking flight tickets, pay attention to these offers and you will be able to save a decent amount of money to be spent on something else.

I usually use these steps to find the best flight deal

Tips for Booking Cheaper Flight tickets

Don't rely on a single website: Different apps and sites show different prices for the same flight so before you book your flight check 2-3 sites. For instance, MakeMyTrip doesn't include "AirAsia" flights so if any AirAsia flights are in your route and cheaper then you won't see in searches from MakeMyTrip.

Take cancellation plan if needed: Many sites have a cancellation protection plan (499 INR, 799 INR). So if you have a slight doubt that you may have to cancel your flight or change your dates, take that cancellation plan.

Book flights in advance early: Once you know that you are going to take a flight, then book as early as possible. You can also reserve your flight by paying "zero money" or "some amount" to save the fluctuation in fare rise.

Avail Debit or Credit card offers: There are many debit and credit card offers which you can avail. I have listed few of them below.

Book on a specific day:  You can look for offers and discounts and book the tickets on a specific day. Goibibo has offers everyday (see below).

Take Flight at odd hours and on weekdays: Try to take a flight of weekdays and on early morning flight. They are usually cheaper.

Use hand baggage only fares: If you do not have check in luggage, then use the hand baggage fare, they are cheaper. Also if you have check in baggage then make sure that your flight allows check in bags

Below are the offers you can use to find cheap flights 

    • Bank Card Offers
    • Booking on a specific day 
    • Paying through wallet offers (Amazon pay, PayPal, Airtel Money, Google Pay)

Here is the list of updated offers on flight tickets. As these offers keep on changing, try to bookmark this page for updated offers. 

Bank Card Offers

MakeMyTrip RBL Bank offer

MakeMyTrip Citibank offer

MakeMyTrip HDFC offer

MakeMyTrip Axis Bank offer

MakeMyTrip PayPal offer

Cleartrip HDFC offer

Cleartrip HSBC offer

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