10 Google Search Tips to make your life simpler

Last updated on October 26th, 2019 at 07:12 pm

Google Search Tips

We all use Google for anything and everything and it always comes handy. It works fantastic most of the times but digging some specific information can sometimes be a tough task.

Here I am sharing some useful tips that will make your search hundred if not thousand times easier.

Make it a habit to use these and this will be another reason to be proud of.


1. Using a Quote to search for specific words: “ ..”

If you are looking for something specific then put it inside a quote.

“Effect of temperature on”

“Methods of isolation for”

When you put your search parameters in quotes, it tells the search engine to search for the whole phrase.


2.Using a hyphen or minus sign to exclude words:

If you want to exclude a word from your searches then just use a hypen or minus sign (-)

“Best mobile phone –iphone”


3.Using a colon to search specific sites

If you want to search for something within a site then use a colon like below

“Redmi mobile:amazon.in”


4.Finding similar sites

This will help you finding similar sites



5.Finding a specific type of file

If you are looking for only .doc or .pdf or .ppt or .gif then screen your results with below trick

“global warming filetype:ppt”


6.Searching inside a website

If you want results from within only one site, use site: followed directly by the site URL you wish to use.

"redmi mobile" site:flipkart.com


7.Searching with a missing word

An asterisk* as a wildcard, which can help you find the missing word in a phrase.

“Bryan Adams *of 69”



In need of a timer or stopwatch? Just type X minutes timer and it starts in Google.

“5 minutes timer”


9.Do a Barrel Roll

Type in Google: “Do a Barrel Roll” and see


10.Are you Bored and want to play Pacman

On the Google homepage type ‘Pacman’ and hit enter.


Additional Trick: Fastest way to download youtube video

Add “ss” before youtube in the url

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