Chalmers University of Technology Vacancies – 35 PhD and Postdoc

Last updated on July 15th, 2019 at 07:34 pm

Chalmers University of Technology Vacancies

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PhD Vacancies

Ref. No. Job ad header Application deadline
20190409 PhD student position in Linearization of basestations 01/09/2019
20190408 PhD student positions in Calibration and signal processing in beyond-5G mm-Wave Antenna Systems 01/09/2019
20190413 PhD student position in Systems and control 08/08/2019
20190411 PhD student position in Power amplifier and antenna co-design strategy for optimised efficiency 01/09/2019
20190410 PhD student position in Digital Radio-over-Fibre for flexible mm-wave distributed MIMO systems 01/09/2019
20190416 PhD student in software engineering with an emphasis on automated vehicles 16/08/2019
20190415 PhD student in software engineering with an emphasis on human factors in AI-design 16/08/2019
20190401 Postdoctoral position in fluidized bed technology for energy applications 30/09/2019
20190400 Data Scientist in Plasma physics 15/08/2019
20190398 Prestigious PhD Student Position in Beyond-5G mm-Wave Integrated Circuit-Antenna Modules 15/09/2019
20190399 PhD student position in experimental turbomachinery 08/08/2019
20190397 Prestigious PhD Student Position in Beyond-5G mm-Wave Array Antenna Systems 15/09/2019
20190371 2 PhD student positions in superconductor-semiconductor hybrid nanodevices 05/08/2019
20190396 PhD student position in materials chemistry / Protein structure determination using Atom Probe Tomography 16/08/2019
20190392 PhD student position on Molecular Doping of Conjugated Polymers 16/08/2019
20190388 PhD student position in Software Engineering for AI 31/08/2019
20190384 PhD student position in Sustainable battery technology by novel material concepts 31/07/2019
20190378 Marie Curie project – PhD student in Computational Interaction Models for Automated Driving 15/08/2019
20190379 Marie Curie project -PhD student in virtual safety assessment of automated vehicles 15/08/2019
20190370 PhD student position in Theoretical and Computational Materials Physics 01/09/2019
20190356 PhD student position in theory of quantum computation with continuous variables 20/07/2019
20190333 PhD student position in Altruistic Traffic Coordination and Sensing over 5G 31/07/2019
20190347 PhD student position in Reduced Order Modelling of nuclear reactors during load follow 31/08/2019
20190343 PhD student position in computer architecture 31/08/2019
20190329 PhD student position in Cementitious Building Materials 20/07/2019
20190331 PhD student position in Computational Sustainable Design 30/07/2019
20190322 PhD student position in Secure and autonomous optical networks 18/07/2019
20190324 PhD student position in UHBR engine nacelle installation 31/07/2019
20190325 PhD student position in engine design for boundary layer ingestion 31/07/2019
20190296 PhD student position in nanomedicine 31/07/2019
20190206 PhD student position in “Intelligent agents that learn from their past experiences” 15/07/2019
20190182 PhD student in Learning & Understanding Human-Centred Robotic Manipulation Strategies 15/07/2019

Postdoc Vacancies

Ref. No. Job ad header Application deadline
20190419 Postdoctoral position in Modeling a superconducting quantum computer 27/09/2019
20190418 Postdoctoral position in Optimal control of a superconducting quantum computer 27/09/2019
20190414 Postdoctoral position in Computational kinetic/transport modeling 31/08/2019
20190412 Postdoctoral stipend within Organic synthesis 08/09/2019
20190417 Postdoctoral position in Topological Quantum Materials 11/08/2019
20190372 Postdoctoral position in in artificial topological matter 05/08/2019
20190395 Postdoctoral position in propulsion installation and electrification 15/08/2019
20190394 Postdoctoral position in quantum thermodynamics/quantum transport 15/09/2019
20190393 Postdoctoral position on Recyclable and Conducting Polymer-Cellulose Gels 16/08/2019
20190386 Postdoctoral position in environmental evaluation of land use and biobased products 15/09/2019
20190369 Postdoctoral position in Theory of superconducting quantum materials 31/07/2019
20190385 Postdoctoral position in industrial biotechnology on xylanolytic yeasts 31/08/2019
20190323 Postdocs to build a quantum computer 31/08/2019
20190373 Postdoctoral position in DFT & COSMO-RS Electrolyte Modelling 31/07/2019
20190330 Postdoctoral position in process development for metal recovery via hydrometallurgy 15/07/2019
20190346 Post-doctoral researcher in Smart Maintenance using Artificial Intelligence 31/08/2019
20190362 Postdoctoral position in microbial robustness 10/08/2019
20190274 Postdoctoral position in Functional Programming 31/08/2019
20190361 Postdoctoral position in Software Engineering 15/09/2019
20190360 Postdoctoral position in Software Engineering for Secure Automotive Systems 31/07/2019
20190327 Postdoctoral position in Luminous infrared galaxies and galaxy evolution 15/08/2019
20190244 Postdoctoral position – Launching developments for nonlocal DFT 15/08/2019

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