Chalmers University of Technology Vacancies

Below are some of the funded PhD and Postdoc positions at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

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PhD and Postdoc Vacancies

Ref. No. Job ad header Application deadline
20190528 PhD student position in Computational Biology 15/10/2019
20190524 Postdoctoral position in Transport properties of topological insulators based hybrids nanodevices 25/10/2019
20190523 PhD student position in Single Particle Catalysis 25/10/2019
20190513 Research Specialist in Electrical vehicle drive systems 23/10/2019
20190510 PhD student position in Quality and Productivity in the construction industry 23/10/2019
20190509 PhD student position in Collaborative Information Infrastructure in Building Design 23/10/2019
20190515 PhD student position in 3D Representation Learning 20/10/2019
20190518 One year postdoc in genome-scale modeling of metabolism 01/11/2019
20190456 Research engineer in open-source transport datasets for model building and model comparison 02/10/2019
20190430 Postdoctoral position in microscopic modeling of Moire exciton physics 02/10/2019
20190492 Postdoctoral position in millimetre-wave MMIC VCO design 15/10/2019
20190504 Postdoctoral position on AI, Machine Learning and Control Methods for Navigation of Electric Vehicles 11/10/2019
20190440 Assistant Professor with tenure-track within AI 01/11/2019
20190503 Postdoctoral position in Process development for metal recovery via hydrometallurgy. 01/12/2019
20190390 Postdoctoral position in research policy 10/10/2019
20190493 Digitalisation for a sustainable industry – Chalmers is looking for 4 great PhD students 20/10/2019
20190491 PhD student position in visual localization and mapping 09/10/2019
20190484 Postdoctoral researcher in wind turbine dynamics and lifetime prediction 31/10/2019
20190464 Postdoctoral position in deep learning for long-term visual localization 06/10/2019
20190485 Postdoctoral position in scenario and material flow analysis of the future transport system 13/10/2019
20190372 Postdoctoral position in artificial topological matter 08/10/2019
20190476 Postdoctoral position in new solvent extraction chemistry for used lithium batteries 07/10/2019
20190481 Post-doc position in catalytic emissions control 07/10/2019
20190480 Two PhD student positions in AI Engineering 04/10/2019
20190483 Postdoctoral position in artificial intelligence for naturalistic driving analysis 30/10/2019
20190478 Project assistant in life cycle assessment 31/10/2019
20190471 Postdoctoral position in systems and synthetic biology 04/10/2019
20190475 Postdoctoral position in private machine learning for transport systems 07/10/2019
20190472 Postdoctoral position in bioinformatics with applications to antibiotic resistance 04/10/2019
20190466 Appointment as research assistant (20%) in relation to master thesis work: A study of space-sharing service through quality management theory 10/10/2019
20190277 Faculty researcher position within AI/ Scientific Leader at Chalmers AI Research Centre 01/11/2019
20190463 PhD student position in Multiscale modelling of textile composites using Isogeometric Analysis 30/09/2019
20190457 Postdoc in yeast systems biology with emphasis on nitrogen metabolism 01/10/2019
20190436 PhD student position in the Octopi project 28/09/2019
20190452 Postdoctoral position in Noise limiting mechanisms in InP HEMTs 30/10/2019
20190451 PhD student position in Microwave transistors towards the quantum noise limit 30/09/2019
20190454 PhD student position in the study of evolved stars 15/10/2019
20190443 Postdoctoral position in indoor environment and energy use 30/09/2019
20190433 2 Postdoctoral positions in additive manufacturing 30/09/2019
20190431 Postdoctoral position in dual-comb spectroscopy with microresonator combs 30/09/2019
20190322 PhD student position in Secure and autonomous optical networks 30/09/2019
20190419 Postdoctoral position in Modeling a superconducting quantum computer 27/09/2019
20190418 Postdoctoral position in Optimal control of a superconducting quantum computer 27/09/2019
20190401 Postdoctoral position in fluidized bed technology for energy applications 30/09/2019
20180464 Research Professor or Senior Researcher in Hydro- and Aerodynamics 30/09/2019


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