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Bangalore to Goa Train

Bangalore and Goa are two of the most popular tourist destination in India. However, there are only 3 trains that run from Bangalore to Goa. Train to Goa is mostly packed during the tourist season and its not easy to get tickets if you do not plan your trip well in advance. This route well connected by bus and flights, so if you do not get seat in train then it will be a wise decision to take the bus or flight. Bangalore to Goa train

Bangalore to Goa distance: 605 Km

Fastest Train: 17311: MAS Vasco Express: 14h : 700 km

Slowest Train: 17309: YPR Vasco Express: 14h 45m: 700 km

Train List

Bangalore to Goa train fare: Click here for latest fareย 

As of April 2019 fare are as follows

        • Sleeper (SLP) – (360 INR)
        • Third AC (3AC) – (980 INR)
        • Second AC (2AC) – (1415 INR)

Train route

Pic Source: Goa Life

Seat availability

This route is quite busy during the long weekend and on festivals and vacations. Hence, prior booking is advised. If you find there are no availability of seats in the train then you can try for foreigners quota, single ladies quota, tatkal quota or use sites like Confirmtktย to find a confirm or RAC ticket.

Facts about Goa

Goa is quite a different a place as compared to rest of India, thanks to theย Portuguese influence (~450 years). Life here is laid back. The major professions here are fisheries, mining, and tourism. Goans are quite easy going and friendly. Goa is one of the richest states of India with per capita income, ~3 times more than India’s average and ~7 times more than poorest state Bihar (2017).

Goa is generally relativelyย safe for touristsย however one has to be careful while dealing with strangers. The official language of Goa isย Konkani, however English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada are widely spoken.

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