46 Research Position at University of Hong Kong

46 Research Position at the University of Hong Kong

Ref.Posting TitleDepartmentClosing Date
494429Postdoctoral FellowDepartment of Chemistry (25200)
494437Post-doctoral Fellow in Brain Mapping using Magnetic Resonance ImagingDepartment of Diagnostic Radiology (20500)
494406Post-doctoral Fellow in Computational Condensed Matter PhysicsDepartment of Physics (25600)
494362Post-doctoral Fellow in GIS study of mobilities on the Belt and RoadHong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (45400)
494394LecturerDepartment of Social Work and Social Administration (30300)
494351Research Officers (holding the title of Educational Psychologists)Faculty of Social Sciences (30000)
494401Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of Medicine (20600)
494403Post-doctoral Fellow in Data Management, Gastroenterology and HepatologyDepartment of Medicine (20600)
494381Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical Sciences (22600)
494387Post-­doctoral Fellow in Multi-spectral Computed Tomography (CT)Department of Diagnostic Radiology (20500)
494335Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biological Sciences (26000)
494318Senior Lecturer/LecturerSchool of Nursing (20800)
494342Post-doctoral Fellow in Machine Learning, High-Dimensional Statistics or Time SeriesDepartment of Statistics and Actuarial Science (25900)
494319Post-doctoral Fellow in Elderly Mental HealthDepartment of Social Work and Social Administration (30300)
494304Research Officer (holding the title of Project Manager)School of Public Health (22400)
494314Post-doctoral fellowDepartment of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (20900)
494225Research Officer (holding the functional title of Research Scientist)Faculty of Engineering (14000)
494289Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of Pharmacology and Pharmacy (21300)
494284Post-doctoral Fellow in Biomedical EngineeringDr. Li Dak-Sum Research Centre, HKU – Karolinska Institutet Collaboration in Regenerative Medicine (46000)
494229Research Associate/Research Assistant ISchool of Biomedical Sciences (22600)
494280Post-doctoral Fellow in Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis and Abdominopelvic ImagingDepartment of Diagnostic Radiology (20500)
494234Post-doctoral Fellow in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and AMO PhysicsDepartment of Physics (25600)
494244Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical Sciences (22600)
494182Research Officer in Clinical PsychologySchool of Public Health (22400)
494247Post-doctoral fellowSchool of Public Health (22400)
494267Post-doctoral Fellow (2 posts) in the Policy for Sustainability Lab (PSL)Faculty of Social Sciences (30000)
494207Lecturer in Mechanical EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering (14500)
494232Post-doctoral Fellow/ Senior Research AssistantDepartment of Social Work and Social Administration (30300)
494205Research Associate/Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of Chemistry (25200)
494193Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical Sciences (22600)
494135Research Assistant Professor in HydrogeologyDepartment of Earth Sciences (25300)
494117Post-doctoral Fellow (3 posts) in (i) Building Information Modelling (BIM), (II) Urban Big Data Analytics, and (iii) International ConstructionDepartment of Real Estate and Construction (01200)
494128Postdoctoral Fellow in Condensed Matter TheoryDepartment of Physics (25600)
494079Research Associate/Senior Research AssistantDepartment of Urban Planning and Design (01300)
494122Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical Sciences (22600)
494082Senior Lecturer/LecturerDepartment of Computer Science (14200)
494107Post-doctoral FellowCentre for Information Technology in Education within the Faculty of Education (10001)
494087Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical Sciences (22600)
494026Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical Sciences (22600)
494003Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical Sciences (22600)
493883Assistant Lecturer (several posts)School of Nursing (20800)
493903Post-doctoral FellowDepartment of Pathology (21200)
493860Research Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Anaesthesiology (20100)
493800Post-doctoral FellowSchool of Biomedical Sciences (22600)
493751Post-doctoral Fellow in Experimental Surface and Materials SciencesDepartment of Physics (25600)
492614Post-doctoral Fellow in Experimental Condensed Matter PhysicsDepartment of Physics (25600)


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